6. Doctors Offices & Hall House

110 4th Ave N


Art Deco design in the arts and architecture was a 1920s French innovation that became internationally popular. Though small in size, this Art Deco brick commercial building is significant for its style and history, and is one of very few surviving structures from the late 1930s.

Ground was broken for this building in April, 1938, in the midst of a flurry of new construction activity in downtown Edmonds.  Its red brick cladding is beautifully detailed with buff colored bricks at the corners and windows.  A decorative diamond shaped tile in the peaked parapet illustrates a medical symbol, the rod of Asclepius, between the letters MD, indicating the building's origins.

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Constructed as an office for Dr. Frank J. Kenny and Dr. M. O. Magnuson, over the years it has housed different specialty medical practices, dentists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and numerous small businesses. Dr. Kenny practiced medicine in Edmonds for over half a century, and contributed much to the civic life of the community. During World War II, he served as the City Health Officer.  He was a member of the Municipal Defense Commission, and a founding board member of the Edmonds Lions Club in 1946.

Hall House 1943

117 4th Ave N

Dr. Harry W. Hall constructed this house in 1910. He used it as his office for seventeen years, and then sold it to Otto and Hattie Sorenson in 1927, the same year that Otto Sorenson was appointed bookkeeper at the State Bank of Edmonds just down the street. Mr. Sorenson, an Edmonds High School Graduate of the class of 1918, later served as Edmond's Postmaster in 1936. 



 About the Artist-Made Plaque  

DR Office plaque

Bronze images of a pill bottle, doctor’s bags, a stethoscope, an extracted tooth, and a pair of umbilical scissors reference the many activities associated with these two buildings in their roles as doctor and dentist offices.

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